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the witch finger - the act of beckoning someone with your index finger. Witches often use this gesture saying the words "come closer"
used in the art of female masturbation in an attempt to stimulate female genitalia
he was giving her the old witch finger round the back of the bike sheds
by MC sauceyboy June 16, 2011
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The penis of a really hot girl that comes as the worst surprise at the worst of times.

Or as seen in Clerks II, a girl with a very large clit.
"Yo man, that girl was so hot, but then I went to go down on her and she had a witch finger."

"Randal Graves: Emma, are you like this 'cause you have an unnaturally large clit?

Emma: You just *had* to tell him, didn't ya?

Dante Hicks: It kinda came out one day!

Randal Graves: He says it's so big it's almost like a little cock, which says all kinds of weird things about him that I don't even wanna think about."
by TheBlackAdept November 06, 2012
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