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A term used to describe a short man (most often about white, teenage boys) , who is about 5'8" tall, with abnormally big arms. "Arms" includes both the bicep and the tricep, but the front shoulder muscle is excluded in this context. A "winsy" is also an ectomorph, so the fact that a "winsy" has big arms may astonish many people. Except from the arms, a "winsy" has no other abnormally big muscles, although he is very strong for his light weight. Fully clothed, he may seem like a scrawny spit-fuck, but underneath are some pretty vast arms.

How this term came to life, is unknown. A commonly shared theory is that the Scandinavian "celeb" Frank R. Winsi all of a sudden started going to the gym, in order to get big. The only problem was, as previously mentioned, that F. Winsi was an ectomorph. Hence, he only gained mass to his arms. They got big, vast, enormous, huge, compared to his body size and height. He started on cheep russian steroids, and as a result, his body stopped producing testosteron on its own. In Scandinavia, its illegal with testosterone supplements, and therefore, F. Winsi became a girl. He lost all of his mass (it "transformed" into fat"). Frank then committed suicide.

With that being said, its important to remember that the story about F. Winsi is a myth. Nothing more, nothing less. But, that does not make the term "Winsy" less "real".

Words that basically mean the same: "Manlet" (short man with oversized muscles, like Mark Wahlberg in "Pain and Gain")
*At the gym*
Guido nr. 1: "Hey, dude, look at that winsy"

Guido nr. 2: "Haha, so short, but huge arms though!
Guido nr. 1: "Yeah, but does he have any shoulder mass?"
Guido nr. 2: "Lol, no, he oughta do some more shoulder press instead of them curls!"
by GeneralExtraStrong May 07, 2013
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A win that is quite win however does not necessitate capitalization. A win that is a win in a happy situation
Canada Lost to USA, Winsies!
by whyiseverynametaken? February 28, 2010
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