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To be in such a high state of inebriation where the pupils become extremely dilated and unable to point in the same direction. Also characterised by a complete inability to listen to others and pay attention to what anyone else is saying and talk ten to the dozen like Vera Duckworth on crack.

Inspired by the ditzy TV personality Claudia Winkleman.
Example (in nightclub). "I tried to talk to that girl over there and offer her a drink, but she has swivelling eyes, smells of alcopops/vomit/cigs and does not shut up. Plus she does have a badly styled fringe. Her mate said, don't mind her she is a complete bloody Winkleman"
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pete winkleman
pete winkleman
Visionary and creative genius. characterised by determination and passion for adding football to the already rich cultural life of the Young and vibrant new city of Milton Keynes.
A recent example is the capitalisation on the apathy shown by a local authority to facilitate a football club with a ground wimbledon FC.
Mr Winkleman was able to seize this opportunity and the result of which was the birth of MKDONS F.C and Stadium MK. This unfortunately has attracted negative displays of passion and frustration udons from those sadly let down by there own elected bodies, lack lustre management, further frustrated by now only having pub team football to watch.
A "Pete winkleman" someone who can see the future and is willing to invest in it.
by Rob Merton April 09, 2008
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