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When one pauses during cunnilingus and looks up at the female recipient such that only the top portion of their face is visible to the recipient. The term is derived from the character Wilson on the TV show Home Improvement.
Stop Wilsoning and finish me off!
by Haley Sparkles September 07, 2005
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The art of fisting a woman while she is on her period, and then slapping her face with your blooded hand, making her look like Wilson from castaway
"You can fist me if you want, but I'm ony period at the moment"
"I'm fine with that, as long as you're down for some wilsoning afterwards"
by ocean_of_ypres January 18, 2015
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The act of becoming sexually heightened whilst sniffing obnoxious smells, such as decomposing matter, rotting food, pig slurry, tannery waste, raw sewage effluent, pea juice, dodgy plum crumble, stilton, a clam etc all left in one container to fester. Getting off on a real stinker
A person who sniffs cocktails of waste samples all mixed together and left to brew in the sun for a period of time until it makes them want to vomit and inducing their ring to tighten is said to be Wilsoning. From the verb to Wilson.
by Wee Willie April 25, 2006
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When one craps in the DT room of a local school. Or defecating on young boys for fun and sexual pleasure.
Helen got caught Wilsoning on Oliver
by ste . p January 22, 2009
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The act of selfish point hogging, and expectations of revival favours during black ops zombies. General unsportsman like behaviour during game play.
Commonly, When attempting to gain points ahead of other players in lighthearted fun, yelling "wilson" is an explanation to other players of the intentions to point hog - known as wilsoning - of the player yelling "wilson". Can also be used as an apology to other players for hogging points.
by seveneleven originals October 07, 2011
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1. To seemingly appear as a neighbor from a popular television show in which only the upper half of your face is visible, often due to computer monitors.
2. The act of looking like a creeper.
Yeah, I was totalling wilsoning on you from across the office.
by WagenMaster March 20, 2011
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