a dude that gets hell of girls, cuz the girls are like candy
man that dude there is willy wonka almost simliar to the word playa
by Apayne aka Willy Wonka August 04, 2008
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It's just like a wet willy ,but you stick your saliva lubed up finger in some ones butt crack.
The plumber was bent over fixing my pipes so I licked my finger and gave him a Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka
by Bestly February 27, 2018
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That one guy who is willingly up to do anything in the bed; a man who won't reject any weird and unusual sexual actions.
Hey are you up to being Willy Wonka again tonight? It was so mic fun the past few nights you were up to it.
by PinkDiamondB July 12, 2016
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A bloke who has either had one or both bollocks removed, but still has a decent perfectly working knob.
Not fussed he's a willy Wonka, he's still got it going on 👍
by sazzy jo June 02, 2017
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