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An affirmative. Used to show one's agreement with a statement or idea. Can be used in place of a witty remark, if one is feeling less than creative. Slang. A nonsense word that means nothing, and yet, everything.
Joe: "Hey, lets get some food."
Billy: "Wiggit."

Joe: "That movie was complete shit."
Billy: "Wiggit."

Joe: "So, what was it like?"
Billy: "Wiggit, man. Wiggit."
Joe: "That good?"
Billy: "Wiggit."
Joe: "Dude..."
by TheDuc February 08, 2006
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The squirming motion a worm makes. Sometimes used to describe a person who won't stop moving
He's been such a wiggit since he drank the energy drink.
by LemonySnickets June 04, 2017
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