Often used to describe low class neonazis who are "bad optics". Which can be true. But not always. Now it is used to label anyone who identifies as a white nationalist.
Dino from GOYTALKLIVE, is a total wignat, but man he is really funny.
by UnrepentantWigNat March 4, 2021
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A term coined in 2018 by Ricky Vaughn aka Douglass Mackey, and popularized by Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes. It stands for "wigger nationalist" and was originally used to describe lower class, violent, and unattractive neo Nazis that were willing to engage in street violence and unabashed Nazism with the use of swastikas and other symbols.

It has now lost that meaning due to the paleoconservative and more GOP-friendly side of the racialist/white nationalist sphere using it to describe any white nationalist who is skeptical of the GOP or holds racialism as their highest value over conservative or right wing politics.
The TWP are wignats because they were willing to throw down with antifa at Cville! - Ricky Vaughn, 2018

Richard Spencer's a wignat because he wants to actually live in a country built upon a racial basis! - Amnats, 2020
by HonestObserver1 November 13, 2020
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Within the White Nationalist movement, Wignat is a philosophy which advocates either the violent overthrow of government (purists) or nuclear warfare (Nukers, often seen as cowards for their unwillingness to potentially kill) to make way for the extermination of non-whites and Jews who are seen as 'occupiers' in the lands that Wignats, its adherents, claim belongs exclusively to non-Jew Whites. The origin of the term Wignat is disputed. Wignat is synonymous with the terms blackpill or sieger. According to Wignat, white people who do not understand the way of the Wignat would be okay to kill if need be and would be collateral damage. Nuking every major US city which would kill millions of white people, for the Nuker example, is seen as an acceptable loss so that a new fascist state could rise and wipe out the remnant of minorities and Jews. The aforementioned precept is called accelerationism and is taught in the book Siege by James Mason which is revered like a bible. Wignat is also often associated with Nine-Angles brand Satanic worship, meth use, and mass murder in the meanwhile as they wait for Armageddon or revolution. Terrorists Brenton Tarrant and Dylann Roof were Wignats. Adherents often wear the skull-embossed ski mask. They forsake traditional notions of morality and scoff at attempts to secure power using dialogue and protest. Wignats are diametrically opposed to Groypers , fans of Nicholas Fuentes.
Regular Neo-Nazi: "I want to create a separate ethno-state for all races including whites as humanely as possible. Basically segregation without immigration."

Wignat: "Humane is impossible." *puts on skull mask and poses with loaded AR15 marked up with white sharpie*
by Jehovah's Worst Nightmare December 3, 2019
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"Mike Peinovich is a cringe Wignat!" -Spic Fuentes
by Australianglo September 9, 2020
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