A widow's peak is the hairline making a V shaped point in the upper part of forehead. In extreme cases, it may go down to the upper center of the forehead - that's where it will look like a stereotypical Widows Peak where we see in Dracula and such. Some widow's peaks are less pronounced and more U-shaped, which show more only when a guy balds.

Most people don't have the stereotypical widow's peak, even though a lot of us do have a subtle one to some extent which mostly shows up in balding (for a man) or if you tie your hair back.
Those with a prominent and very obvious V shaped, widow's peak:

Jude Law, Kourtney Kardashian, Collin Farrel, Leonardo DiCaprio, William Shatner, Danny O’Donoghue (The Script), Jessie J, Wentworth Miller, CM Punk, Timothy Oliphaunt, Daniel Craig, Chris Hemsworth, Marilyn Monroe and Josh Duhamel.

Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Jason Lee, Jean Reno, Patrick Wilson, Sting, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Isaacs, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Dwayne Johnson and the late Heath Ledger are those with a less prominent and more U-shaped peaks (which are more obvious due to balding).
by avialae October 3, 2013
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A hairstyle in which medium length hair is swept backwards from the forehead, leaving a distinctive "v" shape at the front. Although traditionally a male hairstyle, it is more commonly seen upon girls today. Strongly associated with the classical depiction of Dracula and vampires.
Bela Lugosi had a widow's peak, and so does your girlfriend. Coincidence?
by Coming Second March 15, 2009
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A receding hairline on both sides of the forehead with a sad tuft of hair pointing out down the middle.
Man did you see Logan’s widows peak? That’s a $20 cab ride from your eyebrows to your hairline.
by MitchySlick December 6, 2019
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When an older guy's hairline starts to recede, giving the illusion of a widow's peak.
Larry: Is that Brad? I didn't know he had a widow's peak.
John: Nah, that's not his natural hair line, his temples are just balding. That's a widower's peak.
by dinomoo January 20, 2020
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