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1.Military term used to describe whatever emotion.
2.A radio operator phrase instead of Lima-Charlie(loud and clear) to respond to a incoming radio transmission.
Abbreviation: Origin: Military-signal; We, Hear you, Understand you, and Acknowledge you.
True definition: With Head Up Ass; WHUA
3. Demeaning
Example 1: "Hey how you feeling today, after sleeping on a bed of nails?" "Oh just fine, except for bleeding half to death." "WHUA"

Example 2: "Bravo 1 this is Bravo 2, how do you read this station? over." "Bravo 2 this is Bravo 1, WHUA. over"
by debaser07 November 03, 2007
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a word that goes in the place of a sware word. said with Enthusiasm and loud/high pitched
what the WHUA!
one nation under WHUA...
by Malana May 17, 2005
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Word made by Ricegum. Same meaning as What. RICEGUMSQUAD! RGS! WE OUT HERE!
ricegum: I have 2 buttplugs up my ass

me: whua fool
by dreamchaserian July 20, 2016
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