When you take a meme with a punchline that usually ends with the recipient getting insulted, but changing the punchline to something nice. Making it wholesome
by GTStryder February 21, 2018
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A wholesome meme is a type of meme that portrays self love and confidence, usually when you see a wholesome meme, it will contain a bunch of emoji style hearts, and a gun, a gun portrayed to be a gun that shoots love, although the gun is not always included the gun isnt a key part of these memes its the love, these memes were originally created around Bazzi's song "Mine" - These memes have been around for a year now (to my knowledge) - and I personally love these type of memes!
"Its February, time to send Wholesome Memes"
by AmGaySuccMahPP February 26, 2019
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Actually non-ironic memes that contradict the fun part of memes. Memes made by normies for normies.
"Dude, wholesome memes are actually great!" ~ normie
by Penetrusi December 28, 2016
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