A handcrafted smoking device made from a plastic bottle and a pen tube. Used to shotgun smoke. Short for Whoa-Whoa Tabernac! Named for frequently used phrase after a few hits.
"I hit that whoa-whoa and drank 7 beers and then I was ready to go."
by Mickey Deuce September 25, 2002
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1. when said with a confused facial expression: signifies a reaction of discontent, utter confusion, or shock to a statment made

2. when last whoa is elongated: expresses opposition to a previous remark, and implies a call for debate on the topic

3. often used as a response filler before attempting to calm an individual down
A: "so then she said she wanted to tie me up before she--"
B: "whoa whoa whoa, can we NOT talk about that?"

A: "Just because NorCal is better than SoCal"
B: "whoa whoa whoooooaaa, excuse you"

A: "I think you're lying, you can't be Indian"
B: "whoa whoa whoa, calm down there buddy"
by leeeessah November 16, 2006
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THE part of the female anatomy that causes males to say "whoooooa, whoooooa" (in a satisfied tone) when they insert their male reproductive organ into it.
"What are the chances of me gettin' a little whoa-whoa tonight?"
by lindzor March 24, 2005
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Abrupt interruption of friend(s) conversation to signify hot chick in the vicinity. It is typically used in unison with a slight head nod in the direction of said hottie. The interruption is KEY; regardless of how important the conversation is, all parties, male or female, must be inconvenienced enough to look before resuming conversation.

Extra "whoas" may be added for effect, up to five is customary and acceptable.
Guy #1: "So I told her to quit being crazy and looking through my phone..."

Guy #2: "Whoa whoa whoa whoa what do we have here?"
by tatown July 1, 2009
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