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The term 'Whiteface' began when famous American actor, comedian, rapper, and radio personality Nick Cannon put face paint on his face, and posted pictures of himself on instagram, along with videos making fun of whites to campaign his new album, 'White People Party Music'.
Cris: that dude is wearing whiteface
Ashley: ha, what a pleb
by whynotupleb April 04, 2014
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The opposite of blackface, black celebs bleaching their skin to look as white as possible.
Leftist: Blackface is racist
Me: What about Whiteface?
Leftist: Leave Beyonce alone. It's just a choice, racist.
Me: You leftists are all the same.
by Volga99 December 13, 2018
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the act of being gay; acting as a chase white; or just simply being a douche bag
wow...that doucher acts just like whiteface!
by huhgtyd12 June 12, 2010
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My friend got a serious case of whiteface when the fat guy in the office walked into the adjacent stall and said into his phone that "he didn’t feel so good". My friend had to dump n dash.
by bmackenzie July 10, 2008
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Money. White faces because of the dead presidents of on bills
Marcus: You still working at Burger King? That job sucks.

John: Yeah man. Gotta do what you gotta do to get them white faces.
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White Face is when you do Black Face but instead of being all edgy according to BBC, you pretend to be white by throwing baking soda and flour all over your face.
Bob: Do you want to do black face for Halloween?

Bill: Nah, that's to edgy. Instead let's do White face since THAT is PC and socially acceptable!
by KingBob2016 October 07, 2017
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a face that has been covered in skeet, jizzum, seed, etc.
I gave her a white-face last night.

That bitch would look better with a white-face.
by the dude man May 04, 2009
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