The term 'Whiteface' began when famous American actor, comedian, rapper, and radio personality Nick Cannon put face paint on his face, and posted pictures of himself on instagram, along with videos making fun of whites to campaign his new album, 'White People Party Music'.
Cris: that dude is wearing whiteface
Ashley: ha, what a pleb
by whynotupleb April 4, 2014
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White chicks is white face

Me: whiteface is not a thing. There is no definition of whiteface in the real dictionary and there is no history of such thing.
by The Debunker July 12, 2020
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something that does not and will never exist. period.
Whiteface has no existence considering that fact that it has NO historical background or oppression behind it.
by ccanonymous May 1, 2020
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the act of being gay; acting as a chase white; or just simply being a douche bag
wow...that doucher acts just like whiteface!
by huhgtyd12 June 12, 2010
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My friend got a serious case of whiteface when the fat guy in the office walked into the adjacent stall and said into his phone that "he didn’t feel so good". My friend had to dump n dash.
by bmackenzie July 11, 2008
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The act of eating semen out of one's butthole.
Ted: How'd it go with Shellie last night Pete?

Pete: Well i'm glad you asked, Ted. After dinner, in a true gentleman's fashion, i watched Raúl fuck her in the ass until climax before she gave me a whiteface salad in front of him.
by Substance D August 14, 2011
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