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n. The wannabe-black pimp Drexl's (played by Gary Oldman) idea of a holiday where crazy white men can assualt pimps in their place of buisness and get away with it. For Christian Slater, it obviously wasn't White-Boy Day.
Drexl Spivey: "He must have thought it was white boy day. It ain't white boy day, is it?"
Marty: "No man, It ain't white boy day."
by Robert Akins June 02, 2004
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n. A metaphorical holiday, upon which crazy white men are able to confront and/or assault pimps in their place of business without fear of negative repercussions.
Look man, ain't no white-boy day. You roll up on my block, better come correct.
by K. Washington July 24, 2016
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