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is the process of laying on your back, filling up your asshole with baby powder or any other similar product and blowing a tremendous fart creating a white cloud similar to the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Also known as torking except substitute baby powder with flame. Very popular amongst drunk irish
skip stephens coming home drunk as hell after a larger mexican dinner. He wil then fill up his anus with powder and blow out his O-Ring sending a large white plume into the air.
by rob November 05, 2004
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It’s a game where you have to use the same cumsocks every day when you jackoff. one month later you have to tie your filled cum socks and throw to your favorite teacher when it hits your teacher she will look like a white volcano
Haha I fucked your uncle then my uncle chalenged me to white volcano my teacher
by Stoinky dick cheese October 31, 2017
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When pubic hair is twisted into a upwards fashion, and then a drop of cum is added to the top. The cum will flow down in a fashion much like a volcano erupting
Damn, i should submit my white volcano as a science project.
by weswan August 18, 2016
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