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A male who always sticks up for females regardless of how wrong they may be.

The white night lives in hope that one day the female will say the words "oh you're so good for always rushing to my aid when everyone else thinks i'm a silly twat, lets have sex."
Everyone: "Sally you are so wrong about that, jeez use your head."

White Night: "oh come on guise leave her alone. I'll save the day."

Sally: Ohhh Whitey! Thanks for being such a good friend."

White Night's thoughts "If I keep this up then maybe I can sneak in some sex later, all I have to do is play the nice guy for ever."
by danperth September 16, 2008
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Staying up and out all night. You bar hop and go and roam the streets till its morning. Either for fun, or cause you can't afford hotel costs.
I will never forget pulling that white night in Amsterdam. I couldn't believe it morning came so soon!
by Stewart March 28, 2005
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Days during the few weeks around the summer solstice in June in areas of high latitude, during which sunsets are late, sunrises are early and darkness is never complete.
Let us meet in the open, on a white night, with nothing to hide.
by rperazag July 17, 2010
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A call for a state of emergency, typically evolving a group gathering, for the purpose of ending an event, organization, company or other social grouping in a destructive way. As used in the jonestown mass suicide.
The company wasn't doing too well, so they called a White Night meeting where we were all let go.
by loobear January 28, 2016
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