The time after hooking up and before determining whether whisky has played a part in erectile disfunction.
I was going to take her home, but I didn't want the risky whisky .
by Candy Delta July 10, 2017
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The process of vigorously mixing together dry and/or wet ingredients with a whisk when cooking/baking the Joshua Weissman way. Normally used as it’s own sentence.
In a bowl add white flour, three eggs, and sugar. Whiskie business!
by Bipolarmiddlechild February 4, 2021
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a state where you drink just enough to make ur endurance sexually last incredible amounts
yo dude did you smash ln?
YEAH KING I whisky dickin FOR 29 MINUTES
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When on holiday having sex on a beach, you dip the tip of your cock in whisky then in the sand before putting it in.
by Whisky dip March 17, 2021
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1. The paper currency often found wadded in your front pockets the morning after seeing and/or playing live music shows. More often than not, these dollars emerge wrinkled, misshapen and damp with sweat and rock and roll grease.
After a late night at the Fillmore, Mark woke up and pulled a fist full of whisky dollars from his jeans.
by DJ Harry March 7, 2017
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The act of hanging out on ones porch while drinking whisky on a Friday night.
Hey John! You gonna untie them vagina lips and come whiskying tonight or you gonna hang at home with your wife like a pussbag.
by RickDickSuperspaz June 12, 2020
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A rock on the sea shore looking like a penis
Look there is a whisky willy
by Drewxxx February 26, 2015
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