The inability to maintain an erection after a long night of heavy drinking. Usually occurs at the height of sexual opportunity.
"I heard Joe couldn't get the job done with Jane last night. Bad case of whiskeydick."
by mjb October 27, 2005
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1 When you can't get it up cause you drank too much.

2 A totally cool saloon in So. Lake Tahoe, Whiskey Dicks!
1 "Dude, no more shots for me. I don't whant to get whiskeydick"!

2 " Dude, Let's hook up at Whiskey Dicks after riding today".
by jerjer October 1, 2005
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Hard mode for wanking due to the combination of being on the verge of passing out and the lack of bloodflow to anywhere fun.
When you have whiskeydick, it's a three way race between you, passing out, and the eternal curse of being sober!
by Allegedly Human October 15, 2022
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Two Heavy Metal maniacs with a little country spin from Ft. Worth, Texas who drink more beer & jagermeister than most small countries.
Infamous for songs like Whiskeydick, Wookie Pussy, The 9 inch clitoris, and Blacktooth Grin.
Buddy #1: I feel like getting Drunk, Rowdy and totally jacked up tonight. What should we do?
Buddy #2: Let's go to a Whiskeydick show.

Both: HELL YEAH!!!
by Riffsta February 22, 2007
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1. a dick that's been jerked off so much and so often that it can no longer ejaculate during sex.

2. over training of the male reproductive system.

3. whiskey is distilled from a beer like ferment. whiskeydick is invoking the fact that both whiskey, it's self, and whiskeydick are a more potent version of their original nature. whiskey through distillation whiskeydick through way too much masturbation.

(note even though someone with whiskeydick cannot ejaculate during sex they may still be extremely virile as they tend to produce precum more easily, which also contains sperm cells)

1. my boyfriend rocks me all night long but he never cums in me.

2. girl, don't even worry about it. it takes me 30 minutes to an hour at 40mph to blow my load.

"note. all previous entries that speak of erectile dysfunction are just mean spirited nonsense and are actually talking about drunk dick."
by RepOmaN February 28, 2013
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When one is to drunk to get a hard-on, he has the whiskeydick.
I had the whiskeydick last night, therefore I did not get laid.
by Count Funkula June 1, 2003
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