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Phonetic Alphabet acronym for "Weak Dick," or someone who is being a coward or a chicken. Also synonymous for a guy being a pussy. An equivalent visual hand signal is to hold your pointer finger curved and pointed toward the ground so as to look like a limp penis. Term is used as slang in the military.
I wanted all of us to try riding the mechanical bull, but Todd was being Whiskey Delta about it.
by Tmtung135 April 12, 2009
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That's how miltary calls infected ones (zombies).
(Rescue Seven) -This is rescue seven , Over.
(Papa Gator) -Rescue seven , are you seeing Whiskey Delta, or friendly? Over.
(Rescue Seven) -Papa Gator , we're not sure .We are seeing -huh- multiple personel and small firearms. Over.
by Xzetax March 14, 2010
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