Driving While Gay

the act of driving a vehicle while presenting the qualities of a flamboyant homosexual
perpetrator of DWG- "if you wouldn't mind, I would like a cavity search, officer"
by Shatonmedeek March 1, 2008
OMG! Did you see all those DWG's stumbling down the street in Murray Hill?
by MakTheTab July 30, 2014
1. Dead White Guy, n. Somebody who did something somewhere and we remember him for it (must be white male).
George Washington is some smarmy DWG.
History is full of DWGs.
by dustllama October 17, 2005
Drunks With Guns... A crazy Group of people playing a game Called Ameriacs Army. Being Drunk is a pre-requisite to playing with this group.
We played with the Drunks, they were shotting there own people, and having a great time.
by some drunk guy March 9, 2004
comes from 'dawg' which is a play on dog.
by (dwg.) October 3, 2006