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To fuck really bad, making you have weak stroke game. Unapproved by all women.
Melvin Ellis has weak dick so I broke up with him.
by Sexcgirl19 November 11, 2015
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a penis that is misleading and turns into a waste of time fucking all off beat
I been talking with this dude for a minute so I was pissed off when he gave me that weak dick.
by disappointedwoman October 11, 2008
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A penis incapable of successfully sustaining an erection.
You have a weakdick on Thursdays, aye? I suppose my mom won't be at your house on Thursday then.
by B-Drac November 08, 2003
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someone, or something so extradanarily lame it/he/she evokes the character and disposition of a superiorly lame, impotent, useless penis.
This fuggin' Calculus class is weakdick man!
WEAKDICK! You took my last fuggin' beer you chauncey! BURNT!
by chauncey mcfadden November 06, 2003
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