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A Household Object that mentally scared Dan Howell while watching porn with Tyler Oakley.
"Hey Dan remember the whisk"
by #PhanTrash October 22, 2015
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A common kitchen tool that is apparently is also used in pornography to satisfy the kinkiest internet lads.

It is also a trigger warning for YouTubers Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Tyler Oakley. Yeah...the video is on Tyler Oakley's channel. "Watching Strange Porn??? (ft. Dan Howell) | Tyler Oakley"
Dan is sat comfortably on his couch having a nice chat with Phil when Tyler jumps out from no where and whispers, "Whisk," into Dan's ear. Dan screams and goes into shock as he is bombarded with all the images of the mentally disturbing whisk porno he watched with Tyler all those years ago. Tyler's evil cackling drowns out the sounds of Dan's whimpering. Phil tries to help poor Dan, who is now in a fetal position on the floor, but the images racing through Dan's brain are too much. Too much. Phil inhales sharply and tightens his fist in anger as he dramatically looks out the window.

"Was it worth it?" Phil grinds out, "Was the video worth this trauma?" Tyler sobers up at Phil's dangerous tone.
"No." Tyler smirks, "It was worth everything. Wire whisk stretches her monstrous cunt open."
by funkymunch January 29, 2016
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A horrifying, yet common kitchen applience that frightens and haunts people with horrible memories of a porn that they know that they shouldn't have watched to this day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then just take my word for it... DON'T look up "whisk" on a porn site. Ever.
Dan: *walks into the kitchen* Wait... is... is that a...

Phil: It's a whisk...
Dan: *Screams*
Phil: ...Oh kayyy...? *walks away*
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by HiPham January 09, 2017
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a girl who likes to stir shit up, just for the purpose of causing drama.
1) ''she's such a whisk, all she does is stir shit up''

2) ''did you see all the facebook fights the whisk started? shit-stirrer much?''
by ogogtripleog June 26, 2011
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a shorter term for the word "whisker" meaning a cigarette or to smoke a cigarette.
"Wanna go to Mando's house and whisk?"
"Hey Kamil can i get a whisk?"
"Who's got the whisks?"
"Dude Amir, I'm dyin' for a quick whisk."
"Lets get a pack of whisks."
by whiskerking July 08, 2009
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