A Household Object that mentally scared Dan Howell while watching porn with Tyler Oakley.
by #PhanTrash September 6, 2015
A horrifying, yet common kitchen applience that frightens and haunts people with horrible memories of a porn that they know that they shouldn't have watched to this day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then just take my word for it... DON'T look up "whisk" on a porn site. Ever.
Dan: *walks into the kitchen* Wait... is... is that a...

Phil: It's a whisk...
Dan: *Screams*
Phil: ...Oh kayyy...? *walks away*
by HiPham January 10, 2017
Household appliance, also seeming to be very insulting if mentioned to males.
by sakubambu September 19, 2007
See: Whiskey Tango. A shortened term which is less conspicuous when used in earshot of the offending whiskey tango.
Pete: "Dude look at all the whisks standing by the trailer!"

Rob: "Sooo whisk... that one has no teeth!"
by JPWobbles July 3, 2010
A catch-all used to in place of an action, occurrence, or thing; e.g. leaving, completing a task, or in place of an item.
"I need to whisk off early tonight"
"Hey man, have you completed that whisk yet?"
"Pass the whisk on the table"
by redowl September 27, 2019
A extremely annoying person with ratty hair. Usually living in New Mexico. Most of the time seems as to be innocent and nice but beware!!! A whisk can attack at any moment and usually lurk and prey on their victims via Facebook. Warning: If you are added on facebook by a Whisk not only are you at risk, but so are your friends. A whisk usually prowls lonesome or with her only friend, if you see one spray with pepper spray, women should lock up their men, and you should make sure you warn all of your friends. Whisks usually have a extremely annoying face, and may lure you by wearing lots of make up, but when it comes off you will be surprised by the ugliness to be portrayed. They usually have a square ass, fat body, and fake hair.
That nasty bitch has got to be a WHISK
by WhiskHater101 May 5, 2011
An underarm throw, but with more force than any usual underarm throw.
"Lets go whisk a lettuce at someones house"

"But who's house shall we whisk lettuce at"

"Britney's of course..."
by Mark December 16, 2004