A shock site that depicts a repeating video (sort of like meatspin ) of two males having anal intercourse with each other. The one on the bottom is repeatedly humping the other from above, which causes the other male above him (which looks like a girl) to have his penis go up and down like a whip, hence the name "whip crack".
"i just saw whip crack. by GOD that girl has a COCK!"
by cooro March 29, 2012
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The act of quick double taking to look at an exposed "crack" resulting in a strained or hurt neck
Tony: Dude, hurry and check out Dianne!! She bent over the counter!

Bobby: Where...Aaaghh...I turned too fast and got whip crack!
by street trash viper May 26, 2009
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The environment of gentle fear and strong work ethic that defines life in the Slupsky research laboratory.
After a morning of the infamous Slupsky whip crack we headed to the local Chinese buffet for a platter of beige delights
by dudessendnudes June 6, 2019
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