1. The first and only stage of being stoned; to be sceptred; characteristed by raising one's arms out in front of them, with eyes wide open, and swivelling on one's hips twice. See sceptre
2. To travel back in time; to hallucinate you are a nomadic tribesman.
3. To incessantly chant tribal songs; to revert back to one's savage roots. See buddi buddi
*After finishing the joint*
Dude: Oooh yeaah. When am I!? *Swivels hips*
by Blackstump November 14, 2003
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Its when you have one eye open when you are sleepin. One eyeeeeeee
one eye open when i am sleepin, one eyeeeeee
by VroomVroomVroomVroomVroom October 6, 2021
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