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An uncommonly used sex position where the man walks while holding on to the woman's ankles, having sex with her.
THING 1: I totally had sex last night.
THING 2: Really? Which position?
THING 1: I was wheelbarrowing her.
THING 2: What the hell? Why?
THING 1: My doctor said I needed more exercise.
by deffinately Not Tristan October 21, 2011
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A popular pastime enjoyed by young and old alike.
You must first pick your animal or person to wheel barrow then pour lighter fluid on its face. Set this alight and then raise the animals back legs up, insert your hard cock, and run as far along a rural (or motorway for those city slickers)road as you can before the animal dies, stops running on its front legs and starts to turn into mince as you push it along the road.

Sheep are often used due to their accomodating height and durable build. You can get five times further along the road wheelbarroing a sheep as compared to a sheep dog.
Tourist: (Driving along an unlight country road with his family in his people carrier) Honey, what the hell is that coming towards us?
Honey: seems to be a man wheelbarrowing a sheep?!
Tourist: Get your camera ready kids!
Honey: I'm gay. I want a divorce.
by Digitalnonsense November 11, 2006
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