"Whealth - The Fusion of Wealth and Health" ~ Big Al Connolly
When a person creates more primary income than spending they create Wealth in the form of assets and savings. They can then usually afford to eat healthy and buy remedial health services to enjoy good Health. Wealth and Health fused together is deemed (Whealth).
by The Whealthpreneur April 26, 2014
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Combining the words "Wealth" and "Health," this word describes the kind of lifestyle that has been attained by someone who is limited by neither lack of health nor wealth from doing whatever the heck he/she pleases
Young and rich, he enjoyed the kind of whealthy lifestyle that most people his age could not enjoy because they didn't have that kind of money. And the people who did have that kind of money were too old and senile to enjoy doing the kinds of things he did
by Whealth101 May 14, 2012
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