A remix/song of Jacksepticeye made by Schmoyoho
What is my life, oooh, am I doing this right, oooh
by MultifandomWamen57 April 25, 2019
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What people question when they get on here
Person 1: What is my life
Person 2: You'll have one when all of the perverts get off this website
by ThePotatoeDictionary March 6, 2018
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this feeling of momentary overwhelming anxiety. often used in an exaggerated joking sense
roommate 1 - Girl you cant find your keys?? you're about to be late to class, and you know you have an exam today!!

roommate 2 - *searching for keys* UGGGHHH! I know! what is my life?!
by c1c1 November 21, 2013
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That thought that runs through your mind as you are vigorously masturbating your micropenis to a weird hentai video or other obscene pornography, while your seven chins shine with all the sweat you have built up, that makes you stop stoking it and weep to yourself while contemplating suicide.
During his 7th j.o. session to incest tentacle hentai, in one day of course, Steve looked down at all his dirty plates, cum tissues, foreclosure notices, and shitty attempts at drawing his "waifu", and thought to himself "What has my life come to?" He then rocked back and forth in his underwear on the floor contemplating death the whole time before crying himself to sleep. Suicide depressed
by Lord Manatee July 19, 2017
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