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"It's just a reflection of your dreams
It shifts and changes with the wind
Bends space and time to its every whim"
Schmoyoho fan 1: Did you hear about the new schmoyoho song?
Schmoyoho fan 2: I thought it was epic, what did you think of it?
Schmoyoho fan 1: I think its majestic!
by The Potato Wizard March 30, 2017
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A group on Youtube that auto tunes songs. Famous ones are: "Double Rainbow" "Winning" and "Tornado Song"
Broski1: Did you see the double rainbow video on youtube mad by schmoyoho!?!?!?!
Broski2: Dude. Its fucking 100 years old... But ya its amazing.
by GoldenWrapper May 04, 2011
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