When you have no idea what it is or does but you want it.

Mindless consumerism - "Whanters"
"Did you see the new device 'brand X' has released?!"

- "Yeah but what does it do?"
by OhForFuhcSake November 4, 2020
When a situation takes a turn for the worse.

onomatopoeia Derived from the sound played on television when a person realizes he/she made a mistake or something bad is about to happen.
I had my girlfriend at my apartment and it was whant when my parents stopped by unexpectedly.

I got a flat tire on the way home, whant.
by Noner November 30, 2004
1. The sound one makes after being told an extremely bad, old and/or corny joke.

2. A way to describe an old, obvious and/or corny joke.

Derived from the trumpet sound from the golden age cartoons after a very obvious joke or gag was performed.
Example 1:
Roger made so many bad plays on words, in leiu of calling himself "funny" he called himself, "Punny."

The crowd responded with a "WHANT WAH!"

Example 2:
The joke was so bad it was referred to as a "whant wah" joke.
by Rick0307 September 20, 2006
1. to wheeze whilst panting at the same time.
origin (vee/danche -ville)
i picked up a bit of a whanting from just walkin to my mailbox!
by veeveeeeeeeeeeeeeee July 13, 2009