A female who in some cases, never clearly specified, deserves the adequate respect demanded by the accursed microaggressive feminists of the internet
It’s so annoying when whamen gang together on pewds because he played as a male character.
by Mosquitohunter26 November 6, 2017
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A word for a woman or many women; used frequently in pop culture. Used by Pewdiepie, the world's most-subscribed youtuber.
"Don't speak for all the whamen out there!" - Pewdiepie 2019
by draken019 April 18, 2019
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Meanie. Thinks that calling her friends a FEM cell is funny. Bullies others. Likes musicals way too much. Corrects peoples grammar and anything else they say. Biggest ass (personality and their behind)
by @Liambestfriend December 29, 2022
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A highly admired whoremen, very appreciative discourteous, humbly unmannerly, indecently decent, obeisant and neglectful tramp
I did five whamen last night.
by Mouth Warmer October 7, 2017
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