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Sucky, Stupid, things out of the ordinary. Ugly.
1. Damn, thats some whack ass hair.

2. Wow, this is a whack ass definition!
by punkrockpat10 April 18, 2010
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Synonyms: weird, crazy, out of the ordinary, dumb, stupid

Singular: whackass
Plural: whackasses
Whackass is a general term to describe someone you do not like:
Madelyn: Is that Tyler's ex?
Carrie: Yeah she is a whackass, in fact all they are all whackasses.
by NEw Handle May 15, 2016
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when someone is whack, just a harsher version of it. comes from root word whack which means dumb or a word to define someone who is obviously exaggerating. can mean wrong. usually meant in a playful sense.
joe: i shot the president !!!

bob: man, you such a whackass.
by mmbaby. May 26, 2009
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The action of someone swinging an ass bat to spank some brat kid's ass, which causes the brat to have bat ass.
Johnny got a case of bat ass when Mr. Jones used his favorite ass bat to play whackass on Johnny's ass.
by Haldee July 19, 2017
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