Sucky, Stupid, things out of the ordinary. Ugly.
1. Damn, thats some whack ass hair.

2. Wow, this is a whack ass definition!
by punkrockpat10 April 18, 2010
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1. Some one who is a complete dumbass

2. Some one who is a complete bitch

3. Someone who is just very sluty and is a hoe
Dude did you hear what Rebecca said about you

Ya I did but I don't really care cuz she is just a whack ass hoe
by Skydog909 November 13, 2020
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The act or state of being generally unacceptable or undesireable.
damn that burrito was some whack-ass shit
by Mr. Saturn May 14, 2004
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Someone who's more stupid than a clown that's crap at his job, aka, a whack ass clown.
"You stupid whack ass clown"
by iam June 26, 2003
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A person who constantly acts like a jackass and does or says things that make people laugh and sometimes never knows when to stop. This person will do idiotic things to cause attention to ones self.
Nick: Did you see Charles moon those old ladies? What a whack-ass-zilla!
by Brinkster053 December 21, 2009
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one who refers to awesome shit like mountain dew, black dildos, lacrosse and the talented incubus, as whack or gay.
they are also known to enjoy interpol, muse (which everyone knows is a watered down version of radiohead) and works at the santikos rialto theater.
"what did she/he say??? oh nevermind, thats just a whack ass nigga!"
by the only realest nigga December 6, 2011
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1. rashad

2. melon head

3. anyone who acts like rashad or melon head
yo look at day whack ass nigga crankin tha soulja boy... oh shit it's rashad!
by Prancis Banancis May 15, 2008
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