The act of ejaculating into your hands after masturbating and then proceeding to wipe your face in a forgetful manner. Resulting in your own ejaculation being smeared on your own face.
Boy: Awww that was a good wank...... OH SHIT I JUST WET WIPED MYSELF!
by EchidnaBeard May 26, 2016
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In the UK calling someone a wetwipe means they're soft and scrawny but think of themselves as hard
"shut up you won't do fuck all you wetwipe"
by Zoot toking midget June 21, 2020
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someone who’s one way to express emotion is to cry
steve: *crying* this is the best day ever!
carol: steve, stop being such a wet wipe.
by seakins22 September 02, 2019
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1. Someone who is dull and stupid

2. Someone who you just hate

3. Friendly way of saying shut up u idiot to your friend
by Randomroady July 23, 2019
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Normally used to describe a lad who thinks he’s all that but isn’t even half of that. Can typically be found frequenting the same sports bars, in the same outfit, drinking the same pink gin and lemonade. Spends his spare time flirting with girls way out of his league, relaxing on the sun bed and saying he’s going to the gym when he’s actually taking it slow in the steam room.
A: oh my god I have a date with Matt Burnett this weekend
B: what?! No, girl, you can’t. He’s SUCH a wet wipe
by B Caitlin July 09, 2019
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