A small town about 25 minutes from Santa Monica and Los Angeles. When asked where they are from, residents often quickly respond, "LA" though traveling to Los Angeles for any event is unheard of. Westlake lies on the edges of Oak Park and Agoura Hills, (home to the beginnings of HOOBASTANK and HELLOGOODBYE) yet considered a part of Thousand Oaks and sometimes referred to as "The Village" to those with ghetto tendencies. Yet this town is anything but ghetto, in fact it is known to be home to rich "upper class" soccer moms with boobs harder than the men they turn on. However, the good news is; at least Westlake mothers tend to actually HAVE money.. you can tell by their teenage gym bodies and facelifts that they paid thousands of dollars for to look like crap. However, as boring as "The Village" may be, it is indeed a serene, happy location. Once home to Will Smith, Jessica Simpson, and Daryl Hannah. Currently home to Tom Selleck, Heather Locklear, Denise Richards, and a homeless woman with a blonde wig.
Kait: "There's a party in Simi Valley tonight, wanna go?"
Billy: "To SLIMI valley? No man, we're already in Westlake Village, let's just stay here."
Justin: "You guys are from Westlake? Where is that exactly?"
Kait: "LA"
Justin: "Oh really? Well my cousin is having a party in LA tonight.. wanna go?"
Billy: "Nah, it's too far."
by L.Bow January 28, 2009
A town 10 minutes from Malibu where everyone is filthy rich and live in cookie-cutter homes and come from perfect families.
There is always drama which is funny because there really is never anything to do.
Snobby kids come from Westlake Village.
by anonymoussss anony. October 5, 2006
A southern California town that is a less interesting and richer version of Agoura Hills
"I live in Westlake Village!" -dude #1
"ok.." -dude #2
by plus-size albert November 21, 2020
Located in Southern California, about 25 minutes north of the San Fernando Valley. One of the United State's most dangerous cities to live in. This place is the strait up ghetto and their is always some shady shit going down. If you do decide to take a risk and visit these dirty streets just be aware that you should avoid certain clothing. Some of these clothing items include cargo pants, rainbow sandals, plaid sport coats, crew socks, finger-less gloves, gaucho pants, and long sleeve shirts. Also keep in mind not to go outside between 1 and 2 in the afternoon.
He used to hustle on the streets of Westlake Village, but then he moved and left the thug life behind him.
by wvlsocal February 11, 2012
A small city who has been hit hard by the heroin epidemic. All the people that talk trash about this “rich” city have never even lived here. Only the people that live in the hills have money. Otherwise we are all working/ middle class. I moved here since I couldn’t afford to live in the valley anymore since it’s so expensive now. Don’t believe everything you read. This town is not home to any of the shit that people are talking about. Where are these so called rich people everywhere? Lol. Cookie cutter houses? I live in an apartment complex that is made up of 98% Hispanic people including myself lol I live here in Westlake village and it is very diverse. Don’t listen to all the haters that think this area is just for rich people. Maybe do your research and look how much it costs to live here as opposed to live in the San Fernando valley, which is funny because a lot of people think that the valley is ghetto when if so why is it more expensive to live out there? There is a lot of crime around here for such a small city. Mostly because of the drugs. Not a good place to raise kids anymore.
I’m stupid so I assume that Westlake village is only for wealthy people even though I’m not from here.. durrrr
by Hangry Hispanic October 9, 2020
Possibly the most expensive yet boring place ever with snobby rich kids at every corner with skaters who think their as tough as nails yet know theyd never go near a real ghetto, often coming in many sizes, they come in 2 variations 1) tall, rich, skater, crappy rapper.
2) small, rich, skater, crappy singer.
Both are inept and as equally likely to do drugs and be left behind by scociety because of their ignorances, but hey the girls are hot ;-))
"Omg you hear about what haplened in westlake village"'
"Whats a westlake village?? Sounds like a rich snobby town"
by DudefromLA July 6, 2016
Possibly the most expensive and boring place in the country, the area being safe and mostly pretty, runs rampant with rich kids who think they are gangster cause they skate and believe they know the hood yet they know theyd never go near a ghetto.
You have two types of boys in westlake
1) tall, rich, skater, crappy rapper, arrogant
2)small, rich, skater, crappy rapper, arrogant
They come in all variations of sizes but because of peer pressure they all come in the same spoiled mentallity, some being different and actually have a chance at going some where are typically frowned upon, most westlake kids are bound to go no where and end up partying to there deaths in the most boring town on earth. But hey the chicks are cool;-)
Ever hear of westlake village??
"The hells a westlake"?
by DudefromLA July 6, 2016