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A small town about 25 minutes from Santa Monica and Los Angeles. When asked where they are from, residents often quickly respond, "LA" though traveling to Los Angeles for any event is unheard of. Westlake lies on the edges of Oak Park and Agoura Hills, (home to the beginnings of HOOBASTANK and HELLOGOODBYE) yet considered a part of Thousand Oaks and sometimes referred to as "The Village" to those with ghetto tendencies. Yet this town is anything but ghetto, in fact it is known to be home to rich "upper class" soccer moms with boobs harder than the men they turn on. However, the good news is; at least Westlake mothers tend to actually HAVE money.. you can tell by their teenage gym bodies and facelifts that they paid thousands of dollars for to look like crap. However, as boring as "The Village" may be, it is indeed a serene, happy location. Once home to Will Smith, Jessica Simpson, and Daryl Hannah. Currently home to Tom Selleck, Heather Locklear, Denise Richards, and a homeless woman with a blonde wig.
Kait: "There's a party in Simi Valley tonight, wanna go?"
Billy: "To SLIMI valley? No man, we're already in Westlake Village, let's just stay here."
Justin: "You guys are from Westlake? Where is that exactly?"
Kait: "LA"
Justin: "Oh really? Well my cousin is having a party in LA tonight.. wanna go?"
Billy: "Nah, it's too far."
by L.Bow January 28, 2009