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Derogatory term used in Ireland to describe anyone who believes British (i.e. English) culture, goods or whatever to be invariably superior to their Irish counterparts. Not necessarily living in Dublin, although the capital boasts at least its fair share of them.
Nicola is a right West Brit. She has been living in County Cork for the last nine years and she still gets her milk and bread direct from Surrey.
by Fearman October 16, 2007
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A person from Dublin who wishes that secretly wishes Dublin was part of Britain as they are so superior to the rest of Ireland
by Podge (not Rodge) January 05, 2006
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Brits (sometimes but not necessarily with Irish ancestry) who live or frequently holiday in Ireland and who love Ireland, the Irish and the Irish Celtic culture - often adopting Irish expressions, mannerisms and accents - and also often to the point of wishing/imagining that they were/are actually Irish, or at least more genelogically so. Not to be confused with any derogatory meaning for the snobbery of a belief in any Brit/anglo superiority.
"Your man's a right West brit since moving to Ireland."
by Eastwestbrit April 03, 2008
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