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One of the Fayetteville-Manlius middle schools where half of the kids want to be ghetto and the other half want to be depressed. Most of them are overly-rich and can't read outloud properly. Overall, most of the kids are pretty kick ass and many of them are rather short. Their principal is a total pervert. The phrases 'BURRRRN!', 'OH SNAP', and 'YOUR FACE' are used too many times. Axe body spray can often be smelled in the hall ways and makes you want to curl up and die from kids spraying it too much.
DAMMIT! Wellwood didn't get a snowday AGAIN! IT SNOWED ALL NIGHT!
by Ruler of penguins February 07, 2006
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half the kids wanna be black, when only like 10 people in the school actually are black. most kids act ghetto and like they are poor, when they are actually rich. Basically a bunch of rich white motherfuckers that are racist, homophobic, and think that you can't be any other religion except for Christian, because praise the lord bitch. most of the kids don't even know the definition of poor, but say that they are because their parents won't buy them the new IPhone X. the lunch monitors are wack and act they're superior, when in reality they all grumpy, old and broken. half of the teachers make you wanna jump out a window, while the other half getting mad at you for being phone rather then addressing real problems. instead of addressing drugs, they address dress codes. in gym the teachers make you work your ass off, when they just sit on their ass and eat cheetos. the only reason why they want you to move is because one of them is a pervert. the kids act like they love rap, when they only listen to gucci gang.
"hey how's Wellwood" "it's shit"
by seagawl May 04, 2018
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