phrase used as a response to a question which one does not want to answer or does not know the answer to. this may also be used for the LOL's
person 1: hey, how do you make a gradient on photoshop?

person 2: Well you see...(leave blank. DO NOT RESPOND AFTER THE "..."!)
by RCAB May 9, 2009
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A phrase said before the complete doom of human existance. Often followed by the screams of orphans.
Guy 1: is that a fucking meteor?!
Guy 2: Well you see Luigi.
by Cheese is good ye September 15, 2021
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1: A term used to jokingly evade having to answer any question.
2: A term used to jokingly refute someone's statement.
A: You're gay.
B: Well you see.

A: Counterstrike sucks.
B: Well you see.
by TotallyNotDario January 13, 2021
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