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Captain rockin' ass friend with a barbed wire beard of doom. He likes to pet his kittens all day. He drinks his natty lites with one hand plays guitar with another hand and commands da ladies to make him samiches with another. You can't make him bleed his own blood only bleed his sweet baby rays which lathers himself up in.
Tyee is the mash potatoes with my steak dinner
yeah holmes sandwich time bizznatch.
by hueby jeebies November 01, 2010
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The largest and most prized species of salmon. Also known more generally as Spring, King, and Chinook...Tyee salmon originate at the Tyee River of Vancouver Island, Canada. Associated with Painter's Lodge, there are specific catch requirements, including using a manually powered boat, limited test line, and non-barbed hooks to qualify as 'Tyee'.
--Yeah, so...I went up to Painter's Lodge to catch me a Tyee...

--How'd you make out?

--Well, I hooked and lost a couple, but finally managed to land one. It was only 46 lbs. but still pulled the boat a kilometre from where it was first hooked.
by petabo August 13, 2006
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Large eyed creature not yet categorized by researchers. Notable trait: gathers nourishment and treats; shares freely with other creatures.
The Tyee gathered a pile of berries for other forest beings to eat.
by Old Truck April 20, 2006
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a name for idiots who will amount to nothing and the best they can hope for is a pale,toothless, and fat whale of a wife
Guy1: I realy hate that guy
Guy2: dont worry, he's just a tyee!
by XTruth August 05, 2010
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