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Weird dick is when you are with an amazingly hot girl things are going great and you start having sex. Suddenly you get nervous, whether it be about being able to perform, you think about the relationship, something is uncomfortable, Or just plane nerves shut down the sex centers of your brain and leave you flaccid... It is not only embarrassing and humiliating, but can really ruin the date.

The solution. Be honest, tell them whats up. Most of the time its because you really like someone and are just nervous about everything. Take your time and in no time you will be back.

Sometimes you will just need a minute or a couple of dates. If the girl judges you then you don't want to be with her anyways.

Very common in men with over active libido's as because they are constantly aroused, they can get side tracked. Especially if they really like a girl.

Usually is not a problem for those seeking a one night stand, but happens to those who have had enough of them to know they want something more.
You are with a beautiful girl and things start to heat up you have been able to get up to the point of penetration, but now you start to think about things other than sex. Suddenly you get "weird dick" and cannot perform. Your raging hard one minute and not the next.
by locosphere August 23, 2010
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