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Female Vagina, A take on Winners Circle. The round hole where a male penis fits inside your girl.
My girl took me on a late night trip to the Weiners Circle last night after busten the shit out of those ballers from the other school. She opened up that 'ol weiners circle for me! Dang...right on...
by NYCtorker February 05, 2011
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Hot dog joint in Chicago known for the mutual double homicide combat between patrons and employees. I had gone there in 2012 and held my own with with the barbs as Poochie didn't cuss that day -- the CBS show The Great Indoors had a character brought in there unknowingly aware of the mutual woof ticket profanity thrown at each other as Poochie herself appeared on the episode (that would got past the censors if they had the real Poochie.)

If you're from Utah you might have your virgin ears reamed. What ever you do, for the love of God don't fucking ask for a Chocolate Shake and don't put ketchup on a hot dog in eye shot. If you don't believe me about the attitude; look up their twitter as they have the staff giving the bird.
Rockaway, New Jersey tourist in Chicago, "Where is somewhere around here to eat?"
Local -- if you can handle the mutual double homicide combat there's a hot dog joint called Weiner's Circle
Rockaway Tourist, "Okay I will check it out."
Walking in and orders a hot dog, then someone in the line orders a chocolate shake.

The tourist wishing she had some brain bleach as she heard them insult her with reference to a Nuclear Power Plant reference.
by ilinoishorrorman January 21, 2018
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