Similar to the term ‘koreaboo’, a weeabo is someone of non-Japanese heritage who disowns their own heritage and culture and sees themselves as Japanese born.

Appreciating the culture and learning or experiencing more about Japanese fashion, entertainment, language, religion, etc. to broaden your own knowledge does not make you a weeabo.
Person 1: Are you coming to the party tonight?
Person 2: No I have to finish watching this new anime that I started.
Person 1: Wow are you really a weeabo?
Person 2: No I just like anime, it’s not like I want to be Japanese.
by groundzero0 August 24, 2020
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A non-Japanese person who claims to be Japanese, learns Japanese, and is OBSESSED with Japanese culture
lol my friend is a Weeabo, I'm so disappointed.
by buritosxtacos December 13, 2017
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A.K.A. Homo sapiens weeabuis

It is a stupid sub species of a prominent vertebrae genus Homo which has the tendency to associate oneself with the culture and art of the homo sapiens of the country of Japan, they are often influenced by the animated artwork of the same region.
A: Have watch the last episode of *Some anime* last night? It was so...

*cites some Japanese adjectives *
B: What the hell does that even mean?

What the hell is anime?

A: What a weeabo you are !
by Skander November 12, 2017
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A person who's totally obsessed with Japanese culture; Wapanese; Wanna be Japanese.
A: I just got some powdered tea azuki bean Pocky! I'm gonna eat some after I get some ramen. Wanna go watch some anime?

B: Man, you are such a weeabo.
by kaiwai February 5, 2009
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/E/EBO - WEEABO PORN IS basically anime, a person who enjoys anime is most likely to be refereed as a weeb
Normie - Linus you weeb, stop watching weeabo porn and keep looking for loot retard!
Linus (/WEEB/) - anime is for cool people like me your just gay ok!
Normies retarded friend - fuck out of here if you're gonna watch that shit piece of shit retard go back to drinking milk, while you're fucking your anime body pillow WEEB.
by THAT ONE WASIM April 28, 2018
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Someone that likes Asian cartoon weenor
“Damn Martin is such a weeabo, he loves anime men so much”
by Pantsbrusher September 25, 2021
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