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A town located on Lake Minnetonka and also part of the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. Wayzata is known for being a very wealthy community as well as a thriving school district that attracts many from surrounding towns such as Maple Grove, Plymouth, Medina etc. The students attending the Wayzata School District are known to come from very wealthy families and tend to be rather snobby. This district is known for sporting the newest in classroom technology and has a great athletic programs in soccer, football, track and field and cross country. It is common to find a student driving a new or slightly used Audi, Hummer, Mustang, Jaguar, BMW, Infiniti, Corvette, Mercedes or a higher end of SUV. Wayzata Bay is also an attractive hangout for the people of Wayzata, having rumored to be piloted for an MTV series titled Wayzata Bay, much like Laguna Beach.
Yeah Wayzata is a bunch of cake eaters, but we're proud of it.
by wayzatatrojan11 May 13, 2010
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A town of just under 5000 people, Wayzata is located on the beautiful Lake Minnetonka has the reputation of being rich, snobbish and overall stuck up. Although most attendants of Wayzata High School actually live in nearby Plymouth, Maple Grove, Delano, or other small towns, the parking lot is still filled with Hummers, Corvettes, BMWs, and other such expensive automobiles. Overall, if you aren't rich, beautiful and highly egotistical- this just isn't the town for you. And compared to Edina? Wayzata takes the cake-eaters title FOR SURE.
The Wayzata women's soccer team is yet to suck-- how many state champs do we have? Thats right...count um....
The Wayzata football team also does well, and tends to bring quite the crowd to the staduim.
by TooBonkers September 14, 2006
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*See definition for Edina* Change Southwestern to Northwestern
Stuck up white kids who think that their rich and think that they are superior (Wayzatan people)
by Dougie G........ July 23, 2006
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