Waterparks is an American rock band formed in Houston, Texas in 2011. The group currently consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Awsten Knight, backing vocalist and lead guitarist Geoff Wigington, and drummer Otto Wood.
A:Did you go to the Waterparks concert?
B: YEE, It was amazing!
by Ember-Galaxy January 21, 2018
Waterparks is an amazing band and there most recent album is greatest hits.
Waterparks is an amazing band with Great songs
by 💙Larry💚 September 4, 2021
When shes a squirter and she soaks you during sex
Man she took me to the waterpark
by Reapmc25 November 15, 2018
Asian version of What The Fuck. After 7 generations of cursing, the Asian tongue has simplified this historical curse to its most basic pronunciation. Also see wadefak and defak.
A: Lol ur sister is wearing a thong
B: Waterpark?
by WhoamI?IamBartMan November 8, 2010
A place that people go for entertainment involving water slides, pools, and other water-related activities. They are visited most prominently in the summer, but there are also indoor waterparks for year-round use. The largest waterpark in the United States is called Noah's Ark and is found in Wisconsin Dells, popularly known as the "waterpark capital of the world".
Person 1: I'm hot as hell, let's go to the waterpark.
Person 2: It's January...
by Nick Nack January 10, 2007
A place with slides, a lazy river, and (in some cases) a wave pool.
The perfect place to be on a hot summer day. Basically, waterparks are what makes summer great.
It’s so hot outside - what should we do today?

Grab your swimsuit, a towel, and some sunscreen - WE’RE GOING TO THE WATERPARK!
by Davidfreesefan23 January 15, 2019