Considered by many to be the equivalent to a complete rectal examination.

The Water Temple from Zelda 64, which has to be the hardest, most difficult level known to man. Ever. Filled with traps, mazes, puzzles, illusions, and who knows how many times you have to raise and lower the water level.

Every gamer I have spoken with has only rude, vulgar things to say about the Water Temple - and many stories of trial and error - using the wrong keys on the wrong doors, saving and screwing up in the wrong places, forgetting which rooms were which... it's a hellhole.

It is also used outside of the gaming world to describe a problem that is virtually impossible to solve.

The only thing I don't get is why they put the hardest level in the middle of the game.
I spent four fucking hours in the Water Temple and I still have no idea where the fuck I'm going.


Tom: Dude! I can't figure this out! We are seriously fucked!
Mike: This is worse than the Water Temple!
by Sh3ik April 21, 2006
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The hardest gaming level ever conceived by mankind. The water temple from Zelda Ocarina of Time is so difficult and confusing that frustrated gamers around the world spend countless hours screaming " WHY? why are you so fucking confusing" Also a common thing brought up between those who talk about the good old days when they still played Zelda Ocarina of Time
1. God Dammit ive spend four hours trying to find the last small key, This is so frustrating i want to ninja star my controller through the T.V

2. Friend 1 :Hey remember the good ol days when we played Ocarina of Time

Friend 2 : Yeah! I do, hey remember how frustrating the Water Temple was?

Friend 1 : DUDE! don't even get me started on the Water Temple
by ThatisPrivate June 14, 2012
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A level in the game, "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." Regarded by many as one of the most tedious and difficult levels ever conceived. Also one of the leading causes of divorce amongst gamer couples.
Spouse A: Honey, will you help me with this Water Temple?
Spouse B: Sure!
by Psychotic Pseudonym September 26, 2009
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Hylian for, "waste of your motherfucking time."
Friend 1: Hey man did you complete the water temple yet?
Friend 2: *spontaneously combusts in a burst of frustration and agony*
by Bananamanagram January 17, 2015
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Verb- used when directing frustration or confusion at a particular situation, challenge, or video game. A reference to the most difficult and confusing dungeon of the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
"Dude, this boss is totally Water Templeing me!"

"I've been getting Water Temple'd by work lately..."
by J. Starky July 22, 2008
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The most mind bending temples that Zelda has to offer. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Water Temple is located on the bottom of Lake Hylia. When you first enter the Water Temple, you're greeted by a three story drop to the bottom of the Temple. Leaving you thinking: "Aw fuck..."
Then after an hour or two you figure out: "Holy shit! I can make the water rise!" You then think that your a fuckin' genius, but you're only 2% through the Temple.
When (if) you get to a room filled with water and a tiny little island in the middle, no, you are not high. Nor are you getting haunted by BEN. No, it's far worse. You're fighting Dark Link. After many failed attempts (even though you coulda used the Megaton Hammer), you get another Hookshot... But this time it's twice as long!
Now, it's all downhill from here. After you get the Boss Key and enter the boss dungeon, you're suddenly snuck up on by a tentacle monster that's gonna penitrate your ass! (Not)
After defeating Chaos- er... Morpha, you get you're next heart piece and the blue medalion!
"Omigod this store is like the fuckin' Water Temple, were the hell are the condoms!?"
by ChibiFurFox September 15, 2011
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The worst dungeon in Zelda history. Not only is it confusing but also incredibly annoying as you have to go into the menu every time you want to put on the iron boots or take them off. Every moment in this dungeon is tedious and you'll be ready to throw the controller by the time you realize that the door you just unlocked leads to 2 more locked doors.
"I cant wait to replay ocarina!"
*get to water temple*
"fuck this shit."
by Agustusgloop December 7, 2015
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