Probably the most misunderstood dungeon in Zelda 64. Easy enough if you pay attention, by brutally freaking impossible if you get lost at any point. Also, easy to skip about 3/4 of it using simple logic and awareness of surroundings.
1: Oh man... I got soo lost in the Water Temple earlier. Took me a couple hours!

2: Really? I skipped to the boss after I got the Longshot.
by joequincy June 24, 2008
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A temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocorina of Time, that is widley regarded as gamers as a complete pain in the ass.
I think I'm the only person in the world who madeit through the Water Temple my first time with little to no trouble at all... I was 8.
by Being sober is for the weak. February 24, 2007
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1) The point in the water temple where link comes across a locked door with no small key on hand and must back track through the entire temple to find the key, most notable time when TV screens and controllers get broken.

2) A rare occurrence where link uses a small key on the wrong door and cannot access the last small key leaving the player to restart the temple or worse the entire game. This is also known as the Mega Water Temple Screwjob.
"Hey did you get the water medallion yet?"

"No man I got to the last door and found out I didn't have the last key to unlock it, so I threw my game away."

"Aww sounds like you experienced the Water Temple Screwjob."
by suicine December 09, 2009
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A phrase describing something so incredibly confusing that you have no idea how to get through it. Comes from the Water Temple in Zelda 64, one of the most insane levels I've seen in any video game, ever. No joke - EVERYONE gets stuck in the Water Temple when they play this game, usually for weeks/months/years.
"What am I supposed to do next?! GAH! This is like being stuck in the Water Temple!!!"
by Seer of Shadows December 10, 2004
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