An object for men to insert penises or dildo to store excess fluid
by Koloshnokov Baby July 21, 2009
The best fucking food item you will ever find. Literally on the planet you will never find a better food item.
So I ate my steak and just vowed down on my water bottle.
by lil’ blu3 December 27, 2018
A bottle of water filled with vodka usually at teen dances or socials.
Jim: Yo Frankie you bringing the water bottles?
Frankie: Yeah G I'm loading up.
by Mr. Pizzle April 21, 2009
An exceptionally large penis that can release seminal fluid many feet. 9 inches AT LEAST.
Slut1: How big is your boyfriend
Slut2: Like 10 inches
Slut1: what's that like?
Slut2: A water bottle in your coolie.
by TommyTubervillelicksmyballs September 14, 2007
When a man is so sexually excited that he runs a hot bath and only puts the head of his erect penis in, which makes him cum imediately into the hot water. Masturbation, sans the mess. Also, more discreet.
John had a huge boner, but he was afraid to have his parents here him jack off, so he went water bottling.
by BPhizzle November 22, 2005
A position executed during certain aquatic types of sexual intercourse. For example, in the bath, at your local water park, in the shower, the village lake, etc. It is an upside down position therefore it is recommended that all participants are able to hold their breath underwater for 7 minutes minimum.
She took the towns baker to the village lake when she craved the intense feeling of the water bottle.
by Thewaterbottlequeen September 1, 2017