getting trashed on a wednesday
could also be a continuation of tipsy tuesday
or a prep for thirsty thursday
by toonerpro December 2, 2009
Get Wasted Wednesday happens every week. It is a perfect time to celebrate midweek with just two days remaining until the Weekend. Get a beer and forget about your problems.
A: "Ayo, I don't want another beer, it's Wednesday"
B: "No problem, it is a Get Wasted Wednesday! So you can have as many as you want!"
by michaldabest December 25, 2022
A wonderful excuse for girls (mostly sorority girls) to get drunk mid-week
Abigail: "What are you doing tonight?"
Marcy: "It's Wasted Women's Wednesday! Everyone's gonna be at the house, you should come!"
Abigail: "WWW!"
by ehclingo February 22, 2012
Getting shit-faced on a Wednesday due to drink specials at numerous bars even though you know you have responsibilities like work or school the next day.
I know I have class tomorrow, but it's $2 Margarita night. I love Waste-of-Life Wednesdays!
by Alisha Boom Boom February 10, 2010
The act of taking a white female between the ages of 21 and 29 out to a bar, buying all of her drinks in an attempt to get laid just to wind up home alone regretting the decision to take her out because shes a light weight that can't take dick
I finally found a female for wasted white girl wednesday this week!
by #SexyLilBabyGangster8055 August 21, 2019