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Heaven on earth. An amazing school of smart, attractive, homogeneous, conservative, well-dressed, wealthy, all-around great American kids that know where they're going and what they're doing. Based on tradition and honor, it's one of the finest universities in the nation. The Greek scene is huge, which adds to the already amazing party scene. And if you're from HSC and have a problem with us, you're probably just pissed because you were too stupid to get in. Don't worry, you'll be sucking up to us in about 5 years when we're your bosses. Not only that, but all of us, including the girls, can drink you under the table - ever noticed the number 2 party ranking, along with number 1 beer and liquor? Another good thing about W&L girls - they're smart enough to not give it up to HSC guys because, basically, they can do better. Can't say enough about this school, but there must be a reason it's ranked the as the 15th best liberal arts school in the country. And HSC is what? That's right, third tier, not even close.

P.S. Pearls are still cool.
Student from another college: Oh yeah, he goes to Washington and Lee - his drinking talents are amazing, he's hot, and he's smart.
Student from Washington and Lee: I can't believe anyone could be happy at any other college than Washington and Lee. My friends, classes, sorority/fraternity, opportunities, parties, etc. are amazing.
Person hiring for jobs: This young man went to Washington and Lee and this young man went to Hampden Sydney - well we certainly know who we're hiring. NOT Hampden Sydney.
by Iambetterthanyou November 30, 2004
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A school in Lexington Virginia that owns its place in the record books as 8th wonder of the world, "Geographically, the only hole above ground." This is a private rich-kids school for gay guys who would get beat up if they went to Hampden-Sydney, and girls who still think pearl necklaces are cool.
Man1: So, where are you goin to college?
Man2: W&L
Man1: Dude, I never knew you were gay.
by HSC94FTBL08 November 04, 2004
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"W&L" George Washington. Robert E. Lee. We work hard and play harder. The majority of the student body is white, rich, Greek, and a bit on the snobby side. Pearls, sandals and popped collars are worn all year round. 15th in the nation. #1 for beer and liquor. We're trying to recruit more minorities - we've got a lot of internationals but not so many black kids. We have honor and we miss THE TRIDENT.
Girl 1: "So, you're going to be going to Washington & Lee University to party it up in Lex Vegas next year?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, my dad went there and I'm too pretty to waste my time at UVA. That, and it's practically Ivy League."

"We're not snobs, we're just better than you." (This is actually printed on a Washington and Lee University t-shirt.
by Current Student March 02, 2006
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A country club where you can get an undergraduate degree as long as you don't drown in the river or die from alcohol poisoning. Also picturesque location of the remains of General Lee's horse...well, most of them anyway...
1st individual: Why do you think yourself to be so much better than everyone else?
2nd individual: Well I do attend Washington and Lee, after all.
by mip March 18, 2005
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fuck anyone who DOESNT go here!!
i will hire you at the country club to wait on ME if you beg, you worthless prick.
by jacobjingleheimerschmit April 02, 2005
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