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How the locals refer to Washington University in St. Louis, the #11 national research university in the country in the opinion of US News and World Report.
Man, we were smokin' it up down on the South 40 at Wash. U. last night.
by KB Ryan December 24, 2004
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An amazing school, with really friendly, bright students, plus profs. who are at the top of their fields. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!
-Katie is smart and social, so she chose to go to Wash U.
by wustl fien May 03, 2005
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A cute pink haired, green eyed, crab loving genius. She’s the smartest person in the universe. Very childish has the greatest sense of humor.

Also known as 'Little Washu'
Hey. look its Washu.
by Anonymous October 11, 2003
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A derogatory term used to insult gays, lesbians and/or women. The term derives from Washington University in St. Louis awarding an honorary degree to recognize Phylis Schlafy's accomplishments. Schlafy protests against gay rights, feminism, and claims that it is impossible for a husand to abuse or rape his wife.
Joe: Hey, honey, why don't you come to my place tonight
Girl: Get away from me, creep.
Joe: WASH U.! *@%%@%
by George M. Jenkins May 24, 2008
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An unintelligent school whose weeney bear mascot is ripped up in pre-game rituals at rival schools.
Dude did you see what that guy did?
Yea, he totally pulled a Wash. U.
by Non-Applicable March 01, 2008
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