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Gratuitous movie/TV/Video game violence for its own sake, not pushing a higher objective or agenda. Think the difference between the movie Glory and your standard Chuck Norris movie. One shows graphic violence to show the brutal reality of war, and the other shows violence to glorify brutality and to stimulate a sort of jingoistic gladiator-spectator glee in the viewer.

Like pornography, but with violence, not sex.
"Did you see the Matrix?" "Yeah, it was warnography, but it was a fun movie."
by Bellingson April 29, 2010
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Highly sexualized and stylized depictions of war in the media. This often highlights the thrill of war while ignoring the death and tragedy.
300 was warnography. Did the Spartans really need to be that naked?!
by Don't Be a Betch October 02, 2007
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Gratuitous media coverage of war more concerned with providing thrills than informing or delivering a sobering message.
"What was on the news today?"
"Oh, just a bit of Iraq warnography..."

"Shall we watch a film tonight?"
"Yeah, how about a comedy?"
"Na, I'm more in the mood for a warno."
by Mr. Frank July 13, 2006
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