Aaron Warner Anderson is the main character alongside Juliette and the short-term antagonist in the Shatter Me Series.

he is a whole snack and a daddy as well. he probably has an IQ above 1000 and is very fit.

his favorie song is "Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan
Juliette: Aaron Warner is insane.
also Juliette : i love you, i love you exactly as you are.

Stan: Aaron Warner can step on me and i'll thank him.
Stan 2: DADDYYY!!!!
Stan 3: Aaron Warner and Juliette Ferrars are Soul Mates.
by AaronWarnerStan March 11, 2019
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First tagged by Hank Green, this term defines anyone who runs a business where its customers' lives rely on it, most likely medicine drug companies. When the company randomly spikes the cost of their product, which endangers the lives of customers who may not afford the new price, the CEO of the company "Warner Chilcotted" their customers.
guy 1: "Hey, I can't afford my diabetes medicine because the price randomly rose out of nowhere!"
guy 2: "Those medicinal companies, always warner chilcotting us!"
by Harmonious One January 25, 2011
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aaron warner is the only real man ever to exist, every other man is a fraud
omg have u heard of aaron warner
no whos that
the only man to ever exist
by wqrnettes August 18, 2021
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"Warner Chilcott," or sometimes simply "Chilcott," is an offensive expletive used in times of extreme duress or frustration. Expresses the extreme dislike or disgust for something. The term was originally tagged by Hank Green, one half of the Vlogbrothers.
Warner Chilcott! The cost of my prescription drugs just increased by 1200%.

I hate this Chilcotting healthcare system.

Holy effing Chilcott, I'm paying up the Chilcott for this medication.

I just got Chilcotted by my drug company.

For the love of all that is holy, please stop Warner Chilcotting me!

Don't be such a Chilcott.

What the Warner Chilcott is going on?!

This is just a crock of Chilcott.
by DFTBA7 January 26, 2011
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A city in Georgia right next to Macon, sometimes referred to as War Town. Why? Because it’s a constant cluster fuck of angry old people, stoners, and mostly meth heads. If you live there, you will definitely get your house broken into a some point but you’ll get used to it.
Bro Warner Robins has that fire Mexican meth
by Engaginglylost July 5, 2018
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A swear word typically used when someone is being a monopolizing prick. Originally the name of a pharmaceutical company. After screwing over countless people by jacking up the price of a medication 1200%, a bunch of people started using it as a swear word. The idea originated in Nerdfightera with Hank Green as its leader.
Hitler was such a Warner Chillcott.
by Nerdfirghter42 January 25, 2011
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To commit an act of unspeakable evil and uncalled for malice, just because you can. Said act is often committed just for the fun of it.

Anybody who pulls a Warner Chilcott is undoubtedly a Decepticon- the opposite of a Nerdfighter- and instead of being made of up bones and flesh and stuff, is made of suck and fail.
What do you mean the cost of my prescription is increasing by 1200%?! Don't you Warner Chilcott me!!
by Never FTBA January 25, 2011
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